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Sarah Tiplady

Sarah Tiplady

Sarah Tiplady brings marketing excellence to her real estate clients all over central Auckland.


With 20 years in the communications and advertising industry, Sarah established her own marketing consultancy serving an extensive range of clients.


This background combined with a passion for buying, renovating and selling in the Auckland market, meant that real estate for Sarah was second nature. She has been featured as top seller in her branch multiple times and has recently been awarded two gold awards for sales.


Sarah’s ability to market a house to its best potential is truly stunning. She has the skills to correctly target the ideal buyers for each property and tailor the entire advertising campaign around attracting that person. This approach gets people outstanding results – prices far higher than their expectations.


Sarah says that “I am interested in finding the ‘love money’ for my clients. It’s my job to get people who fall in love with the property. These are the people that will give my sellers the absolute best price. That’s what we should always be aiming for because for most kiwis, their home is the most precious asset”.


Sarah’s approach is highly sought after and although she works out of the Harcourts office located on Mt Albert Road, Sarah has the unique ability to work all across Auckland. 


Sarah believes that marketing a property to its highest potential in such a way that it connects with its ideal buyer is hugely important to getting a top price. Sarah says that “focusing on the absolute best price for people sometimes means, parking your own pre-conceptions about expected prices for an area and seeing the property entirely own its own merits”.


Sarah is very involved in her local community and loves working with people from all walks of life. Sarah’s professional approach and the way she relates to people has meant she is one of her office’s top sellers. 



Sarah has an extensive natural talent for working with people and gets a huge amount of satisfaction from helping her clients get results that exceed their expectations.

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