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Julie Kelman-Poto

Julie Kelman-Poto

Julie Kelman-Poto offers her clients a Real Estate service that is second to none.

She has worked with people’s homes, property developments and rentals for over 15 years. This extensive background has given her a depth of knowledge to all aspects of property from presentation and financing to sales.

Julie’s highly personable approach means that she easily connects with both her sellers and buyers. Julie’s clients love working with her because she makes the whole process easy and she gets results.

Julie vast insight and experience in the real estate business. She has overseen rental divisions, mortgage divisions and office administration for busy real estate offices. Her administrations skills are outstanding and her clients enjoy and service that is professional and successful.

This background has given Julie a passion for real estate and a dedication to her clients that is unbeatable.

Community involvement has also been at the heart of what Julie is about. As a professional sportswomen and coach Julie has been involved with a wide variety of people from all walks of life.

All of this has meant that relating to people is second nature to Julie. She is a natural real estate agent because she understands both people and their motivation to move. Julie’s service and sales always exceed her clients expectations.

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