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Jill Findlay

Jill Findlay

Jill at Harcourts JK Realty is a dedicated leader in the real estate and property sectors. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, Jill has developed a three step approach to selling homes – establishing clear messaging, creating and translating value, to make the connection between the buyer and your home.

Marketing: The ability to create value is far more important than calculating it. As a professional marketer I see the challenge not in advertising as much as improving perception of value amongst competitive buyers! I have developed website and social media strategies – while utilising personal networks and databases – to bring value to your properties.

Negotiation: The skill in finding a buyer is establishing the value parameter in their mind – this is the expertise you employ me for! I only have the brightest and most enthusiastic professionals on board. It all adds up to better value for you.

Communication: I expand on what you want to achieve and ensure that this is our objective. Presenting your property to the market in a way that allows its message to be understood. Coordinating the buyers position so that the ideal fit with your plans is achieved. 

My skills are all a part of my professionalism but it is my eagerness and forward projection that will be the standout for you. I am passionate about this sector, but nothing more than the value I can bring to my clients.

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