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Audrey He

Audrey He

Audrey is well respected in the local real estate industry with over 10 years successfully selling houses and presenting on behalf of a wide range of transactions. She has detailed knowledge of subdivisions, zoning, consent procedures and the values inherent in such land projects. She often deals with high value transactions, with a meticulous eye for details and the knowledge to extract the best value out of the property for which she has an extensive buyer database.


Fluent in English and Mandarin, Audrey has the strength of proven negotiation skills and experience in marketing. Most importantly though is her success in SELLING properties, from both traditional Family homes to top end properties and whether residential, commercial or sub divisible sites.


Audrey has an extensive database of international high net worth buyers that frequently contact her, and her own personal experience in purchasing investment and development properties gives her a distinct advantage that sellers can use to achieve top prices. She is the complete Sales Consultant that you can rely on and trust for advice on marketing your property. 

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