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Why do homeowners choose to sell with Harcourts?

At Harcourts, we’re experts at helping you get top results for your property. Whether you are selling your home for the first time, stepping-up to your “dream home” or buying and selling investment properties, you’ve come to the right place. Paired with out VIP service we provide exclusively at Harcourts JK Realty Group, we can ensure we can get you to where you are going, quickly, pain-free and with more money in your pocket!

Our VIP Service is complimentary – So you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.


  • We manage the entire process from start to finish, including a property appraisal and market analysis report


  • In-depth knowledge of the local area – we understsand our clients needs and what buyers are looking for.


  • Full range of property services – Experienced in all methods of sale, from Auction, tender, priced, by negotiation. We have the skill to get you the most no matter what method you choose, if you are unsure which to choose we can guide you in the direction to what will get you the results you want.


  • We tailor everything – No property is the same so we tailor everything to suit the needs of you and your home, we are not a “one size fits all” company.  Which is why we have our own in-house dedicated marketing team there for you to put together bespoke marketing packages and clever ways to grab the attention of the perfect buyer. Its all part of our VIP service.




BONUS: List with us and receive a FREE 1-hour consultation with a property stylist! 

First impressions count, which is why we’re offering you a 1-hour free consultation with a property stylist to get advice on how to showcase your home and achieve the best value in the current market. You’ll receive professional advice on styling and presentation, furniture and accessories, colours and décor, plus maintenance and any minor work needed.
A professional property stylist’s opinion can dramatically increase the interest in your property, attracting a wider range of buyers and even result in a higher value sale, as the presentation of a home makes a huge impact in the minds of potential buyers.








About Harcourts JK Realty Group

Harcourts is made up of a team of experts trained in the areas of marketing and negotiation with a commitment to raising the bar in real estate by giving clients the best experience possible.


We’re here to manage the entire process from set-up to closing the sale and get you the maximum return for your home. From the start, we consider and explore every sales avenue and possible way to increase the market appeal of your property and we make selling you home our first priority.


Plus, we offer our clients more choices as we specialise in both auction and by negotiation sales. If you do choose to sell by auction we have our highly experienced, award winning auctioneer by our side to work for you with their behind the scenes knowledge of the whole process to ensure you get the best result possible. Our sales consultants are highly skilled and are astute negotiators who will work tirelessly to ensure you walk away knowing you got the best outcome possible and become clients for life.

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