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Unlock Value under the Unitary Plan

Your Opportunity is Now!

Drastic changes to Auckland's planning laws have opened a wealth of opportunities for homeowners to become their own developers.

Ifyou own a house in Auckland, or you’re thinking of investing in one, there’s something you need to know about Auckland’s Unitary Plan (AUP). It’s going to change the landscape so much, the city will be almost unrecognizable.

And it could be money in the bank for homeowners. The purpose of the AUP is to create 400,000 new homes, while improving the quality and density of housing along arterial routes, towns, shopping centres, and transport hubs.


The opportunity for rezoned landowners

The plan provides land and homeowners opportunities to build a wide range of housing under the new Urban, Suburban, and Terrace Housing/Apartment zones. The main requirement to subdivide under these zones will be  to show how proposed housing will comply with relevant development controls.

Resource consent will be required if you’re proposing to build three or more dwellings. For many land and homeowners can now sub-divide their property into more new sections than previously possible.

Who will benefit ?

Three main groups of people will benefit under the new AUP:

  • Owners of residential properties can  effectively become their own developers.
  • Investors who own sub-dividable residential property can become developers
  • Developers will commit capital and expertise to residential development projects.

How successful a project is will be defined by the zoning of the land  available to develop, financial resources,  expertise, and preference for risk-return.


Full-Service Development


We offer a full-service residential development programme, taking your property through the process of consent, subdivision, finance, construction and sales  to achieve the maximum value for  your development proposal. .

The Process



Site visit and introductory meetings leading to a preliminary scoping feasibility and bulk and location report.


    1. 10x10 Architects
    2. Code Planning Consultants
    3. Civix – Engineers & Surveyors
    4. Nuline Homes
    5. Cotton Financial Consultants
    6. Residential Development Consultancy – Project Co-ordinator



  1. 10 X 10 Architecture -Resource Consent &Building Consent plans.
  2. Code Planning Consultancy – Resource and Subdivision Consent.
  3. Civix – Engineering and Surveying Consultants
  4. Nuline Homes – Development cost and Construction Management.
  5. Cotton Financial Consultants – funding feasibility and banking proposal.
  6. Residential Development and Marketing Consultancy for project coordination and marketing.



  1. Planner to review plans and resource consent application.
  2. Architect commence working drawings for Building Consent.
  3. Nuline Homes prepares final costings based on working drawings.
  4. Cotton Consultants submits proposal to bank/financier for Construction Finance.
  5. Harcourts commences marketing campaign.


  1. Client reviews building consented plans.
  2. Cotton Consulting and Client accept and sign Construction Loan
  3. Client signs Master Build contract with Nuline Homes.
  4. Project construction programme commences.

Getting Started

To get started, contact Peter from our development team today. Feel free to call Peter or provide your details below and we will contact you.

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