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Winter Design Trends

Winter Design Trends

Winter is still very much here and is  a time of year which can be a little dreary. Whether you’re buying a new home or staying put, adding a little something to your interior design could be the perfect strategy to perk up your home life right now. This winter is all about comfort and subtle luxury. Embrace natural fabrics and woods, the sleek glossy looks of 2016 and earlier are all out now, its all about good quality natural items this winter.


With the help of industry experts we’ve compiled the some of the freshest new design trends to help make your winter 2017 just a little more colourful and cosy. 








Cosy knits

The consensus is in and cosy knits and textured material are on trend in 2017. If you’ve had knit throws draped around the lounge all winter for the last few years (like most of us have) keep doing what you’re doing because your now bang on trend.

It’s all about comfort and luxury. If your living spaces are looking a little unwelcoming this isn’t an expensive look to achieve. Add a well placed plush rug, a few thick knitted throws draped over couch arms and a perhaps even a dash of tartan and you’re sorted.











A place to escape to

The average modern kiwi lives a hectic life. Between kids, money, mortgage, career and all your other worries it can start to seem like your life’s some hectic non-stop juggling act.


Interior design trends in winter this year have evolved specifically to help the average busy person to relax and unwind.

It’s all about creating a place to escape to in your home. It doesn’t have to be much. Perhaps a window-side nook packed with all your favourite books, and a cosy knitted blanket, or even a spare room converted into a mini movie theatre.


Create a space that helps you relax and do what you enjoy, and make it as comfortable (and on trend) as possible by furnishing it with thick knitted throws and soft furnishings.














Use Natural textures

2016 in interior design was a year of looking to the future – high sheen metallics, smart technology and clean finishes were the theme. This year will look to the past instead, featuring plenty plant life, raw wood and rustic colours like rust and ochre.

This will create a more welcoming and relaxed living space, with a homely and classic feel.


Be generous with the plants too. Lush indoor varieties like birds of paradise, peace lilies, fiddle leaf figs and mother in law’s tongue fit the bill bringing a shock of natural green into your home. If you’re decorating an apartment you can still go to town. Just use hanging plants, and perhaps even a crawlers on wall mounted indoor trellis to complete the look while using less space.














Subdude luxury

In another complete U-turn the glossy finishes and shiny metallics of 2016 are gone. Instead this year’s interior design focus is on ‘deconstructed luxe’. That means exposed brickwork, washed cement, and the pairing of metals with rustic materials like wood and cork.


The focus is on interesting textures instead of high finishes creating a more natural, slightly industrial look. You may have already seen it in trendy cafes and eateries but 2017 is the year that it becomes popular in homes all around New Zealand.