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Colour themes for your bathroom: Is it white or bust?

Colour themes for your bathroom. Is it white or bust?

The colour white is associated with cleanliness and calm and is usually a default colour when it comes to many rooms of the home – which may be why it’s all over the majority of bathrooms. But does it have to be white or bust when it comes to picking colours for your bathroom? Can you bring other colours in to make things interesting?


Absolutely! Follow these tips when picking your bathroom’s new design and creating a room bursting with colour.





Keep it light


As luxurious and comforting as colours such as maroon and midnight blue may seem, they may not be the best option for your loo.

By nature bathrooms are smaller spaces, which you’ll know are best suited to lighter colours – dark hues can tend to make them seem a little claustrophobic.

For that reason it’s usually best to stick to lighter shades for the majority of surfaces and finishes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add those warm dark colours in!

When used sparingly to accentuate certain features, they can make a room really pop. You don't need to follow the traditional "rules" of designing and changing your bathroom, there really is no right or wrong if you love the final result. 










Think about what you want from the room


Do you want your bathroom to be a bastion of relaxation or a room for revitalising and refueling in the morning? Your colour choices can really affect how you feel in the room, so consider what you’re trying to achieve before you start laying tiles.

If you’re trying to create a relaxing environment go for natural, soft tones. Think light timber or marble, brushed copper, and cream walls – not necessarily white!

If you’re trying to create a revitalising space choose brighter colours like aqua blue and light yellow. Consider adding a vibrantly coloured splash back to your vanity or even a brightly tiled feature wall if it fits in with the rest of your design.










Bring in colours from other rooms


If you’re still lost for ideas, the first place you should look to decide is the rest of your home. You might have grey granite on your kitchen top, copper taps, dark blue accented draws, or any number of colours throughout your interior design.

Brining these colours through to your bathroom and you’ll skip the trouble of thinking of new colour combinations and create continuity throughout your entire home. If the colours elsewhere in your home are extremely bright consider using them as features – perhaps a coloured hanging shelf, a colourful tiled shower floor or rustic copper taps. Colour can also be brought in through the use of soft finishes like towels, flowers and items in the bathroom that can be changed out easily when you feel like having a change. It certainly is a lot easier than changing tile if you're still a little hesitant to introduce bold and bright changes to your bathroom to start with.











Start with larger surfaces


The best way to get started with your bathroom design is to start with the larger surfaces like your floor, walls and vanity. It’s usually best to pick two or three colours first, which should usually include at most one bright/feature colour and two neutral tones.

From there you can start to think about the colour of smaller details like your taps, fittings accessories, and features. Approach your design this way and you’ll feel far more confident using colours other than white. Of course some white is still a very welcome feature in a bathroom and can be paired with many different surfaces and colours nicely and even some unconventional pairings can really set off a bathroom and make it truely unique.











Get creative


There are rules around bathroom design. However, if a look that breaks those rules and looks fantastic there’s no reason to hesitate – the best bathroom designs are usually a little unconventional after all. It is your home and it is about creating spaces that make you happy to be in them and use them, treat rooms in your homes to express your personal style and break away from common trends everyone is doing. 

Leave white behind and get creative with your bathroom and you might be surprised by how good the results look!