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5 ways to make your open home better than the rest

Want to make the most of an open home? You won’t find these tips just anywhere – it’s time to go beyond just decluttering your home.





Colour themes for your bathroom. Is it white or bust?

The colour white is associated with cleanliness and calm – which may be why it’s all over the majority of bathrooms. But does it have to be white or bust when it comes to picking colours for your loo? Can you bring other colours in to make things interesting?




Refresh your investment property for the rental market

Your property might not be ready for renting immediately. Check out these quick fixes to ensure your house is the first choice for your ideal tenants.





How to take your kitchen to the next level

To nail the art of cooking, you need a kitchen that not only looks the part, but does the job too. From home cook to master chef, elevate your cooking with top equipment.





Going, going, gone! Why we recommend auctions

When it comes to selling your house, we know getting the very best price with the least stress is your top priority. 





Making the most of a small apartment

More and more of us are living in apartments these days. And although unit-life has its perks, there are certainly a few challenges involved in living in a smaller space, particularly when it comes to interior design.





Winter Design Trends

2017's Hottest winter design trends - Perfect to warm up your home

We’re in the depths of winter – a time of year which can be a little dreary. Whether you’re buying a new home or staying put, adding a little something to your interior design could be the perfect strategy to perk up your home life right now.





Questions you need to ask your real estate agent

If you’re choosing a real estate agent for your the sale of your home, there are certain things you need to know.




Wash & Wear: How to add value to your laundry

The laundry often isn’t somewhere we spend much time on when it comes to renovations or updates, but it is a room where many of us spend a lot of time each day. The importance of the laundry in daily living means it could be a deal-maker for potential buyers, so consider these tips to help you ‘clean up’ at sale time.





Lighten up your home this winter

It may be dark and dreary outside, but don’t let the same be said for inside your home. Good lighting makes houses look bigger, feel warmer and helps keep the winter blues away. Here are our top tips for brightening up your property.





Tips to consider before buying an empty section

Buying a piece of bare land is an exciting prospect, but hidden costs and issues could turn your slice of paradise into a headache. Check out our tips on what to look for when shopping for a section.





Beginner's guide to commercial property investing

Familiarity means residential tends to win the competition for investors’ money. But there are real advantages in investing in commercial property.

When it comes to property investment the residential market gets the lion’s share of attention, whether it’s constant media coverage or advice on where and what to buy for maximum returns.





Warm up your home with interior design

The team at Resene recommend these interior design tips to make your home look warm and welcoming this winter.





Things to consider before building a granny flat

If you have an empty space in the backyard just right for a granny flat or self-contained dwelling, it might be the perfect way to add some extra rental income or provide for a growing family. Here is a list of things to consider before you start building.





A handy checklist for last-minute open home preparation

We all know the importance of first impressions, so how your home looks, feels and even smells is crucial when it comes to open homes. Here are some simple and quick tasks you can do around the house before potential buyers arrive that can help your home shine.





Every master bedroom needs these 5 features

The kitchen isn’t the heart of the home – the master bedroom is. After all, you spend at least eight hours there every night, hopefully far longer than you spend in the kitchen. It should be a considered space, engineered and designed to enhance relaxation and of course encourage a healthy night’s sleep.





Luxury for less


If you are looking to give your home a change up with new season styles, or feeling you to give your home a more polished and refined look. There are a few cost effective changes you can make to bring some luxury style into your home that wont break the bank.





The pros and cons of moving to a new subdivision

New subdivision developments are springing up around the country, and attracting buyers from all walks of life. Here’s a look at the good and the bad of these new neighbourhoods.





Insure your investment

One aspect of owning a rental property that’s too often overlooked by owners is the need for landlord insurance. Too many landlords assume a standard home owner policy will do the job, only to find they’re not fully covered if, or when, the worst happens.





Bring your bathroom up to date

Bathrooms are one of the rooms in your home that can add value for buyers. The team at Resene have some great ideas for bring out the best in your bathroom.





What does the national average price buy you around the country?

The latest Market Watch figures for April show the national house price sitting at just under $600,000. Let’s look at what that, or less, will buy you in some regions around the country.






What puts buyers off

There’s a lot of talk about what adds value and attracts buyers when it comes to getting a good price for your property. But just as important are they key things about the property that will put most buyers off






Add value in the kitchen

Kitchens are widely touted as a room of a house that can add value when it comes to selling your property. But not all kitchens are created equal. What can you do to yours to catch a potential buyer’s eye and persuade them to make a good offer?





What's new in the world of wallpaper?

Wallpaper is making a big comeback, and it's better than ever. Seriously.



What is a LIM and why do you need one?


When it comes to buying a property, the term “due diligence” is bandied about a lot. That means doing your official research into the property you’re interested in, and top of the list of recommended research is usually a LIM report.




How to choose your method of sale

Choosing how to sell your property can feel like a big decision. Here’s an overview of the methods available and the reasons they may work best for you.





Does a swimming pool add value?

As the summer heatwave hits (hopefully sometime soon), the idea of a swimming pool in your backyard is an alluring one. And surely you can justify the cost by the value it will add to your home?




Bring out the best in your bach


If you’re reclining on the deck of your bach thinking the place could use a bit of a spruce up, Resene have a few ideas for inspiration.





Need to know: selling your rental property

When you decide the time is right to sell your rental property, there are certain rules you need to be aware of.





What adds value outdoors?

Adding value. It’s the holy grail of pre-sale home renovations. What are the quick, simple and, most importantly, cost effective alterations you can make that will maximise your appeal to buyers, and therefore your eventual sale price?





The art of choosing the right white

White is white is white, right? Wrong. Our guest bloggers from Resene have some useful advice on choosing the which white – or other neutral colour option – is going to work best for your project.





Six tips to sell your home quickly

You’re desperate to sell your house. In fact, you need to sell yesterday. Whether it’s financial stress, or your new job is in another part of the country or overseas, the most welcome sight in the world right now would be the words “SOLD” emblazed in your front yard.



Pay Off Your Mortgage Sooner

A mortgage is generally one of the largest and most daunting expenses you may face in your lifetime, however, there are a few little things you can do to decrease the length of your mortgage term and get out of debt faster.



What you need to know about the new CV's

Every three years Auckland Council reassesses the value of every property within its jurisdiction, primarily to determine how much a property owner should contribute towards the city’s upkeep via their rates bill. So, what is a CV, and how do the council determine this magical figure?