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Home Selling Tips

Home Selling Tips

Home Selling Tips

Just a short list to help make your home’s presence on the “Properties for Sale” list as brief as possible. If you want more information or help call us, we are happy to help.


First Impressions Count 

Go out and stand at the roadside and have a good hard look at your lovely home. This is what potential buyers will make their first and often strongest judgment on the value of your home. Is it at its best? Would a bit of hedge trimming, lawn mowing, garden weeding, water blasting or a spot of paint go amiss? First impressions last.



In the hustle and bustle of daily life we often don’t pay much attention to familiar things....potential buyers do. It’s spring cleaning time regardless of the time of year. Clean everywhere. Nothing says “I’m a damp house that’s uncared for” than mould in the corners. And keep it clean for the duration of the marketing period.


Make Some Room

One of the most important steps in the preparation of your home for sale is to get rid of any clutter. Whether it is rarely used toys, boxes of winter clothes or furniture you can’t bring yourself to throw away, get it out. Hire a storage unit or ask family or friends if you could store some belongings at their places while you sell. A home full of things you have to navigate around says “tiny” to a buyer. The more room you can create while still looking homely and comfortable will scream “big”, “open” and “spacious”. Clear tables, benches and dressers of everything except a couple of stylish knick-knacks or ornaments. Sort through and clear out cupboards and storage areas. It will look like you have twice the amount of storage space.


Little Jobs

Attend to all the little things you have been meaning to get around to all that time. The broken door handle, the window that won’t shut, the cracked window. That bit of peeling paint. Some buyers will see things like this as a sign of poor maintenance and start to wonder what else may be wrong that you can’t see. Not so little jobs need some thought. Is it worth repainting the ceilings, extending the deck, replacing the rotten window sill, installing an outside light? Would one coat of paint on the living area walls cover up a thousand little nicks and scuffs and make it look brand new? If in doubt ask Nicky, she will know exactly what is worth the investment of your time, energy and money and what isn’t. Use her expertise.


Don’t Take It Personally 

Take a moment and step into the shoes of the potential buyers. You want them to be able to imagine themselves and their family feeling right at home in your house. It’s easier for someone to do that if they aren’t constantly reminded everywhere they look that it isn’t their home. Personal photos, kids’ artwork in the living areas, certificates for coming 3rd in the discus ten years ago....slip them away out of sight. It’s easier for buyers to imagine their personality in the home if less of yours is apparent.


There are so many other great tips as well, if you would like to find out more. Fill out the form below and we can send out out our very own book full of great tips that have proved successful in many sales!


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